Movements that change Culture start in Cities.

Michael D. Crane  - City Shaped Churches


The city of Chicago will steal your heart. Located along the shores of Lake Michigan, home to 2.7 million people, Chicago has a rich history and complex story. To fall in love with this city means embracing the buzz and bustle, the bruises and brokenness. Rich in diversity and filled with opportunties to make a lasting impact, this city needs teams of missional Christians committed to the flourishing of the city and its beautiful inhabitants.
Reaching Chicago, much like reaching any substantial community, starts “somewhere.” In the case of Chicago, reaching the city often begins with engaging a particular neighborhood. It starts with settling in, calling a community home. It sees the neighborhood as the parish. It breathes in deep the rhythms and routines, the joys and the sorrows of those living in the neighborhoods. It requires a unique posture of humiity and hope, of patience and perseverance. With a passion to see lives and communities in Chicago flourish, Reach77 exists to facilitate local, contextual engagement, impacting specific neighborhoods in redemptive ways. 

City Movements Require Commitment and Creativity

Reach77 is less about prescription and more about innovation. We are committed to local, contextual expressions of the Kingdom of God in unique neighborhoods. There is no "one-size-fits-all" methodology that fits the city. Ministry in the city requires a deep dive into the environment.
Urban missionaries must be adaptive, creative, innovative and imaginative.
They must be resilient in the face of complexity and chaos.
They must be willing to adjust to new contexts and cultures.
They must be willing to be impacted by the city before they seek to impact the city! 
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